Bows or Knot BESTIE BOX


Bows or Knot BESTIE BOX club will light up your day!

You will receive a surprise BOX each month!

Remember: This is a surprise and the item may not be the same from one bestie to the another. 

I am only taking a limited number of BESTIES! So, become a bestie NOW! Only $25 shipped for the BESTIE BOX.

BESTIE items will ship no later than 31 business days after your monthly payment is received. (That is quicker than our normal prouction time ;) 

All sales are final. 

Cancel at any time prior to your renewal date.

*The bestie box will include 1 personalized item and 2-3 additional goodies.*


Steps to Order:

1. Click the SUBSCRIBE button below to set up your monthly autopay. 

2. Complete the form below for the bestie box including telephone number, address, clothing size and FULL NAME! 

3. Await monthly shipping confirmations and watch your mailbox!



BESTIE Options

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